Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 10: You Know You Ain't in the City No More When...

You know you're no longer living in the city when:

* You wear your really cute Steve Madden shoes to pick up a parcel at the General Store and you end up getting them all mucky because there's nothing but mud here after it rains.

* You realize that other drivers on the road are waving and honking their horns at you because they're offering a friendly "hello"/acknowledgement and not because they are mad at you for driving the speed limit.

* You walk out to your "lane" (also known as a really long "driveway") and get startled by six deer scampering away across your fields.

* You wake up in the morning with a cow looking into your bedroom window.

* You dress to the nines to meet a girlfriend for coffee, only to be greeted with a "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, Chris! Your hair is all done, you're wearing a gorgeous outfit...but you're wearing your big, honkin' $h!t kickers!!!!"

"My what???"

"$h!t kickers!"

"I don't think we're speaking the same language. What are you talking about?"

"You're all gorgeous and dolled up, but you're wearing your big, 'ol barn boots! Your $h!t kickers!"

Yes, life in a small rural community certainly keeps me entertained! :) Makes for some really great blog fodder too! Love it!


caninecologne said...

haha! $hit kickers!!!! i can just picture you in those too! :)

tc loves your lifestyle - living in the country. she liked all the open space and seeing all of the animals. staying with you guys last summer was our favorite vacation!

word ver:

Taylor Lautner has very defined abbes.

Calfkeeper said...

lol. I can relate. When I was expecting Ellen I remember getting ready for a Dr. visit:

Change chore pants: check

Makeup: check

Hair: check

Good shoes: check


It wasn't until I was sitting on the exam table that I realized I'd forgotten to change my chore shirt. It was fairly clean, but was faded and had bleached spots on it from the barn. Cute.

Yep, lots to blog about in the coutnry.

C said...

LOL! I KNOW! I can't believe my friend called them $h!t kickers!!! I have never heard that term before! LOL! Too funny.

Awww! So happy your summer vacay here was your fave! We loved having you here! You're like my long lost sister. No, really! You are! xo

C said...

LOL! That is too funny! At least your shirt was CLEAN!!

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