Friday, November 04, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 4: Time

As a child, I never thought much about it.
As a teenager, I thought I had lots of it.
As an adult, I realize I need more of it.


Because our days are so busy and chaotic, I rarely have time to sit down and reflect.  It just hit me today that our "baby" is going to be three years old a week from today. Three years old!  How did three years just fly by before my eyes?  How did she go from being a single cell to thousands of cells and into a human being that talks, laughs, loves, creates, questions, understands, tests, challenges, experiences, and questions? How? Yes. I did say "questions" twice.

I just cannot wrap my brain around how it is possible that two people can create another human being. I realize this sounds crazy, but it really and truly amazes me.

It makes me sad that she's turning three.  I know that I should be excited and happy, and that I should enjoy each and every stage of her childhood.  Little One turning three makes me realize how fast time is passing and that she will no longer be our baby soon.  Soon she'll be going to school.

With all the deaths of friends and family in the past few years, I am more aware of how finite our time on earth is. With family and friends getting older and weaker, the thought of mortality has been something I think about now.  I'm not concerned about myself (at least, not yet), but for my grandmother, mother-in-law, parents...

Time.  It's something some of us don't often think about.  It's something some of us think too much about.

I guess the key is to enjoy the time we do have with our loved ones and make the best of our time together.


Farmer John said...

Yes. Time is something I think about a lot too these days.

Calfkeeper said...

Too true. It wasn't until I had a baby that I realized how fast time flies. Just as soon as I'd get used to one of her phases she'd change and then I'd realize I'd never see her at that age again.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I often stop to think that if something happens & I die, my son will never remember his mother. To be honest the thought frightens me.

An aunt of mine died when I was 4 & while I do remember the funeral I cannot remember HER.

Daily when Im praying I include a prayer that my son can reach adulthood with both parents alive & well. I hope thats not too selfish of me.

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