Monday, November 21, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 21: SLIMED!

What to do with a bunch of toddlers on a play date?

We make SLIME! That's what!

My friend found this amazing recipe online. What a great way to teach toddlers and preschoolers by doing a science experiment!

You need:
* white glue
* Borax
* water
* food colouring (optional)

There are two components to the slime recipe. You have a glue, water, and food colouring part and a water and Borax part. These have to be prepared separately.
* Adults: First, mix 1 tsp of Borax with 1 cup of water. Make sure to stir until Borax is dissolved.
* In another container/bowl, mix 1/2 c white glue with 1/2 c water (equal parts of each). At this point, you may add food colouring if you wish.
* With the help of the children, mix one solution into the other. The kids will be excited to see the slime polymerize right before their eyes.
The kids just learned that mixing these solutions creates polymer. They can also play with the slime and shape it into different shapes. Oh, who am I kidding? It's just ooey-gooey fun!


BusyMamma said...

we make goop with cornstarch and water...M loves it! I like this recipe too and may try it!

Frau Guten Tag said...

This is soooo awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing

C said...

Ooooh! What fun! We make the cornstarch one too. That's a lot of fun. Both recipes are great. I find the white glue one has more elasticity. We alternate between recipes though. Great fun for little ones AND parents! LOL!

C said...

I think Little J would love doing this with you :)

Kimberly said...

That is super cool. We used to make ours with cornstarh I think.
Chunky would love this!

C said...

We alternate recipes. I do the cornstarch one as well. Really fun! For some reason, the white glue one seems to last longer. We like both recipes though! The cornstarch one is definitely the more economical one though! :)

caninecologne said...

ooh, i might have to try that slime recipe or just have tc and her friends make it!

Frau Guten Tag said...

Anyone willing to share the cornstarch recipe?

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