Friday, November 27, 2009

Adventures in Mommyhood

Against my better judgment, I put up our Christmas tree AND put a few presents under the tree for our nieces and nephew. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I honestly didn't think that Little One would be all over that tree and opening everyone's presents!

You see, she's a preemie. She was born three months early and EVERYONE told me that preemies are usually developmentally delayed. Apparently, many preemies take longer to learn how to sit, crawl, walk, and talk. Well, Little One is crawling...and crawling fast! She's also cruising from one couch to the next by hanging onto the couch or her toys and "walking" herself to where she wants to go. This is all new. This all happened within the past week or so.

She used to just sit in one place and play with her toys. Now, she heads straight for the Christmas tree. She's opened her cousins' presents and I've had to re-wrap them twice already. When I see her heading for the tree, I say "[Insert Little One's real name here], no thank you."
She looks at me and smiles and then bolts for the tree again. "No thank you!", I say (but this time in a more stern voice). Then she starts to laugh.

My newly twelve month old LAUGHS at me when I try to discipline her!

When she thinks I'm not looking, she scoots over to the Christmas tree again. "NO THANK YOU. Dangerous. Not for baby" and I wave my hand, gesturing that I don't want her to pull the Christmas tree down. Her response? She smiles and waves her hands like I do when I gesture that I don't want her to do something.

I thought she'd be exhausted because she's been crying/whimpering/screaming in her sleep the past few nights. I know I have been exhausted! But, alas! She is full of energy. Even after getting up super early to go to the doctor's for her second dose of the H1N1 vaccine AND after having a play date with the son of a friend of ours. Nope. No nap. Not even tired. She's bouncing around (on the leg that she received the shot in!) AND...

She finally cut her first teeth! The two bottom teeth are now out! This whole teething process has been long and agonizing! You can imagine my surprise when I looked in her mouth today and saw those chompers! I didn't know whether to celebrate or cry! Having her first teeth is serious business. She's really not a "baby" baby anymore. Know what I mean? :(


E said...

My Mom tells the story of putting the Christmas tree and presents inside the playpen. Apparently it was all she could do to keep me from eating wrapping paper! E.

C said...

You know, that is a fantastic idea! ;)

J at said...

I don't remember if we had a tree when Maya was little, for just that reason. But maybe we did. I do remember the first time I ever disciplined her...she was going straight for the fireplace, and even though there was no fire in it, I wanted to teach her that that was no place for a baby. So I said her name in a very angry, loud voice. She stopped in shock, looked at me, and started crying! It worked, she didn't go for the fireplace any more, but I was obviously scarred, because I remember it 13 years later!

C said...

She actually cried when I said her name loudly the last time and told her not to touch the tree. It broke my heart. Crazy how fast they learn and pick things up.

J at said...

I was thinking about what you said about premies doing things later...I was 15 months before I walked or talked, and I wasn't nearly as premie as Little One is. But I caught up soon enough. ;) I'm just as smart as any other 43 year old now.

C said...

The Infant Development lady was here and was saying how we really need to practice talking with Little One. For crying out loud, she's doing fine. No, she's not saying "bye-bye" or anything like that, but she's doing fine.

She's started walking (going from couch to couch and toy to toy) already. It seemed to have all happened last week.

I'm not worried about her development and speech. Although, again, it was said that preemies sometimes are delayed in speaking. Whatever. She'll develop on her own time and at her own rate. She's smart, curious, crafty, inquisitive, resourceful. I have no doubt that she'll turn out just as smart as babies born at term.

Plus, don't all kids develop at their own pace?

Oh, and we will be super lucky if she turns out as smart as you ;) Preemies rock!!

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