Friday, May 21, 2010

And, They Call It Puppy Looooove...

Chance was my first baby. My first canine baby, that is! He entered my life back in October 2002. It was love at first sight. It may sound odd, but the moment I first held him, I felt so much joy and love. There's just something about babies (even furry, four-legged babies!) that melts my heart.

Though I vowed that I would never spoil my children, when I got Chance, that rule got tossed out the window.

Chance had pampering sessions at the groomer's twice a year. This included a wash, shampoo, hair cut, nails clipped, and Chance getting all primped and prettied up in a brand new bandanna (he refused to wear a bow).

I also spent a lot of time with Chance at the park and walks by the ravine. Yes, the ravine. You see, I lived in the city and unlike where I live now, we didn't have beautiful beaches close by where I could take Chance every day.

Chance also went everywhere with me. I took him on the bus and subway with me. He even accompanied me to New York once! Oh, and the shopping! Once a month, I'd take Chance to Pet Smart and I'd let him pick out a new toy.

Then we moved to an island and I married a farmer. Chance's city life changed forever. He was no longer the spoiled little canine baby he was in the city. Now he has hundreds of acres to run around on. He is free to play all day long and isn't cooped up in a tiny apartment. He gets to go to the beach and swim. He's constantly COVERED in burs because he likes getting into places he shouldn't be (like bur patches!) and he always looks so dishevelled and unkempt. He's a happy boy though.

He's even happier now that he has a little sister. Okay, she may be his human sibling, but he loves her nonetheless!

"Please don't lick my face! Please don't lick my face..."
"Ewwww! No face washes, please!"
"Here! Take my toy cow instead! Just stop licking my face!"


Dina said...


Jan said...

How adorable. My children grew up with dogs as siblings. I was concerned that they would never walk upright because the dogs seemed to be their role models. :-)

C said...

Thanks! :) Remember when I first got Chance? He was just a tiny little fuzzball! Now, look at him! He's really good with LO. The only thing is that he always tries to lick her face!!

C said...

Children and dogs seem to make for good siblings, don't you think? :) HAHA! The not walking upright because of their role models is hilarious! I'm worried Little One will start thinking it's acceptable to go up to people and lick them all over the face! Urgh. Today, I caught her licking the picnic table. Gross!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I may be partial, of course but I really think that having pets in the home is so beneficial for kids to grow up with them. They learn how to be gentle and caring and to respect nature, etc. Plus dogs are pretty cool! Enjoy

J at said...

oh thank god...those past tense verbs in the beginning made me worry about Chance! ACK. Glad everything is well, and that he's loving her.

C said...

I had a feeling you'd appreciate this post :) I know how much your pets mean to you :)

C said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize until you mentioned it! It does sound like something bad might have happened (from the use of all the past tense verbs)!

You know, Chance is 7 years old now and every time I think about him becoming another year old, I get sick to my stomach. I DREAD the day we will eventually have to say goodbye to him. I hate it. I absolutely had this feeling. I hate the thought of losing him.

Actually, it's something I think about often. How morbid is that?

DINA said...

chance was the cutest puppy i'd ever seen! I can't believe you have had him for so long now.
He is so friendly!

Tracy said...

How sweet! Your little ones :O) are so adorable!!!

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