Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Mommy Brain Moment

Oh, dear. It happened again.

A few days ago, I was talking to friends about BBQ techniques. I was pretty adamant about putting steaks on the grill frozen and how it makes for juicy, tender steaks. I insisted that Hubby's frozen steak on the hot grill technique was the best.

My friend's husband is a BBQ king. He mentioned that in all the BBQ cookbooks he has and on all the BBQ websites he peruses, frozen steaks on a hot BBQ grill make for dry, tough, and awful steaks.

Later that day, I returned to Hubby and told him that he didn't know what he was talking about and that his technique was flawed.

His retort?

"I never said to put frozen steaks on the BBQ!"

Wow. I could have sworn I heard him tell me the opposite. We all had a good laugh at my Mommy brain mishap.

Another Mommy brain mishap? Two weekends ago, I had promised to host a dinner party at our house on Friday. It was our friend's birthday and I agreed to host a get together at our house. We always have get togethers at our house and our house seems like party central all the time. After a week of hardly being at home, I was exhausted. We were off-island on Monday for Little One's neonatal follow-up. I had a meeting in Tuesday. There was rehearsal on Wednesday. We visited a friend on Thursday. There was playgroup on Friday. We had family from out of town on Saturday. We had church, lunch, and the ballet on Sunday. I was so swamped and had no time to clean or even think of a menu for the party.

When my friend called on Friday and asked what time everyone was coming to our house, I said I couldn't possibly host a get together and that I was sorry, but I was totally wiped out. I felt badly, but then felt sort of proud of myself for finally learning to say no for once.

At church on Sunday, everyone was wishing my friend a happy birthday and I sort of froze. It didn't occur to me that I had promised to host her birthday party on the Friday!!! I TOTALLY forgot! Imagine canceling a birthday party that you agreed to host?! Ahhhhh!

It completely slipped my mind!

I don't know where my brain has gone these past few months. Perhaps I'm overdoing things and taking on too much. Maybe I'm a bit distracted and preoccupied lately. Maybe I'm just struggling with working (albeit, freelance work from home), helping my husband on the farm, taking care of the household and raising our toddler.

In response to an article stating that Mommy Brain does not exist...BAH!!! I can assure you that I was never this scatterbrained before. I just really don't know where my brain has disappeared to.

If you find it, could you let me know? Thanks.


J at said...

Oh crap, that sucks. I'm sorry you bailed on a friend's party. Yeah, learning to say no earlier is probably a good idea.

Once when I was about 8 I tried to make hamburgers for my brother and myself, and the only ones we had were frozen. I figured I'd just put them on high heat. They came out black burnt on the outside, frozen still on the inside. Even the dog wouldn't eat them. Ugh.

C said...

Yes, sooooo right! Saying no earlier is definitely a good idea!! *sigh*

Hehe! I think I've done the frozen burger in the oven thing when I was a kid too! Too funny!

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