Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Who Inspires You?

People sometimes ask me why I blog. I never really know what to answer. I started blogging just to keep friends, family, and students up to date on our life on the Island. We live far from most of my loved ones, so the blog was an easy way to keep everyone connected.

Little did I know, the blog would turn into something completely different. It's been a place where I could express myself and a place where I could network. To my surprise, I've made some wonderful friends through the blog. One of my closest friends is someone I met through the blog. It feels like Maddy's Mommy and I have known each other forever, yet we only "crossed paths" in the blogosphere just days before I was sent to the hospital by air ambulance when I was pregnant with Little One.

The fabulous husband and wife duo from PhotoCaptiva also turned out to be a special part of our lives. It's amazing how people come into your lives and you cannot imagine life without them in it.

It comes to no surprise that one would "meet" inspiring, creative, and giving people on the net. I used to be very apprehensive about meeting virtual strangers, because the net can be a place where creepy, dangerous, just plain weird people dwell. It can also be a place where like-minded people gather. It can be a place where enriching friendships and connections can be made. It can be a place where we find inspiration from the stories and lives of others.

One blogger in particular comes to mind.

Chantal and her Oma Mary
have taken on an amazing cause. They make receiving blankets and proceeds go to helping the less fortunate.

"All proceeds are used to make blankets for children in need. We work with organizations to provide blankets to traumatized, neglected, and impoverished children. While you wrap your beautiful babe in our blanket, know that we are wrapping those less fortunate."

Chantal and Oma Mary have entered a contest to win $10,000 so that they can fulfil their dreams of helping others. So far, they've sent 65 blankets to Haiti!

Please show your support and help Chantal and Oma Mary reach their goal. Check out their video on YouTube, and join their Facebook Fan Page.

Hubby and I want to teach Little One that it is important to support a cause and take part in something that is larger than us. We're involved in and support various charities (Heart and Stroke Foundation, Mount Sinai Hospital, Sick Kids Hospital, and a few others). We will now be supporting Chantal and her Oma's cause.

People who make it their mission to help out others inspire me. Who inspires you?


Anonymous said...

Nice of you to post this. I always get friends blankies for their new little bundles and how special to do it with something that means so much and benefits those who need help. I'm going to check out their site now, thanks!

C said...

I know. I have a few friends who are pregnant and due soon. I'm thinking of getting them blankets. I know with Little One, they came in handy. We went through tons of receiving blankets!

J at said...

I'm impressed recently by Greg Mortenson, who co-authored "Three Cups of Tea". He was struck down while trying to climb to the top of the second highest peak in the world (K2), and was nursed back to health by the people in a tiny village in Himalayan Pakistan. After seeing the children trying to learn math using sticks in the snowy dirt outside because that's all they have, he vowed to build them a school. 17 years later, he's still at it, and has built over 100 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, mostly for girls. Awesome guy.

Of course, there are a lot of organizations that I adore. Mercy Corps. Doctors Without Borders. Oxfam. Southern Poverty Law Center. Heifer International. Meals on Wheels. Child Abuse Prevention Council. Gosh, I could go on. But I'm stopping now. I like having plenty of wonderful organizations to decide between to give my 50 cents to.

C said...

Yes! I was just thinking of writing a post devoted to Greg Mortenson! HE truly is an inspiration! My MIL recommended "Three Cups of Tea" to me and when I was on hospital bed rest with Little One, a friend brought it for me to read in the hospital.

Greg Mortenson's story amazes me. I can't help but gush with emotion whenever I think about what he has done.

All the charities you mentioned are ones I adore as well. There are so many causes I would LOVE to support. If only I were wealthy enough, I'd give money to as many as I could. The ones I currently support are Heart and Stroke, Breast Cancer, Oxfam, World Vision, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and Sick Kids Hospital. Again, I wish I could do more.

OmaMary.Com just shows that even the smallest efforts can change the lives of someone in the world. No action is too small and anyone can do their part in helping others.

C. L. Wiebe said...

Thank you so much for this post! We are very passionate about our handmade blankets. We have many in stock that need to get onto our etsy site for purchase (I just haven't had time yet this week!) We appreciate all the support. There are TONS of good organizations doing amazing work - we just wanted to be one of them and try to do something to make a difference. Thanks again!

C said...

I just love, love, love what you and your Oma are doing! Keep up the awesome work! :) Good luck on the contest! Keep us posted on the results! xo

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