Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Must Be The World's WORST Farmer's Wife EVER!!!

While Hubby was working off-Island today, Little One and I had a little adventure on the farm. Why does it seem like every time Hubby is off the farm, things seem to go awry?

While Little One sleeps in the morning, I usually get my some writing done and get chores done. When she's awake, she's just so busy. It's hard to get anything done when she's up. She's a very active girlie.

As I sat at the computer, editing some documents for a student in Japan, I looked out the window and saw something unbelievable. There was a COW staring at me through the window! She was right by our front door, near our patio!

Little One was napping on the floor and I didn't want to wake her up. My general rule is to never wake up a sleeping baby if I can help it! I also didn't want to leave her in the house on her own, since I knew that if she woke up while I was at the barn, she'd totally wreck the house! She'd turn it upside down and inside out! C'mon! She's 17 months old. Getting into everything is what she does best.

I went outside to see where the cow went. She went around the to the side of the house. I just wanted to make sure she didn't head up the lane way toward the highway.
I ended up going back inside and putting her in Little One crib so I could leave her for a few minutes to take care of a delinquent cow. To my surprise, Little One didn't wake up. Thank goodness!

I quickly ran out to try to get the cow back into the barnyard, but the most incredible thing happened! The cow was nowhere to be found! It DISAPPEARED! How was I going to explain to my husband that I LOST A COW!?!?

Yes, it's true. I must be the worst farmer's wife ever!


caninecologne said...

hi c - i just love LO's pony tail horns! :)

did you ever find the cow?

J at said...

Don't be silly. You didn't lose the cow. The cow got lost. Once you get the fence fixed, the cows will stop stupidly getting lost. But totally, NOT YOU. ;)

C said...

HA! I know! :) My cousin calls LO "Chun Li"! LOL! Her hair is finally getting long enough to do things with it.

Double HA! Nope...We've got nooooo idea where that cow went. One of the other farmers stopped in while Hubby was away, and I immediately thought he came because he had seen the cow on the highway! Do you know that if your cow is on the highway, you get charged a fine!?!?! It's not that your cattle may get injured on the highway, but it may cause an accident or injury to vehicles and people. If I were still in the city, I would never have known that!

Hubby thinks the cow went back in the same way she got out. We're definitely fixing fence this weekend.

C said...

Yes, we definitely have to get fence fixed this weekend. Seems like we're forever fixing fence and the cattle constantly find new ways to get out somehow. It's a never ending battle and I wish they would just be happy with where we put them! LOL! No matter how many times we fix things, they never cease to demonstrate how industrious they can be.

Hubby and I did some cedar rail fences to keep the cattle at bay. We need to do more. We also have to make sure the juice is on (electric fence), because it wasn't on the other day.

Honestly, 6 years ago I would never have imagined this would be my life. LOL! I never thought I'd ever operate a tractor, use a baler, or clean grain! Crazy how life turns out...but it seems to somehow make sense.

PattiMcK said...

Delinquent cows....What a headline!! You know, the only thing worse than losing one cow is losing a whole herd... You have to look on the bright side C!! There could have been 40 of them tromping around your house like there was here a couple weeks back. Did no one tell our cows that it was only 7 am on a SUNDAY morning??? Obviously not because that's what woke me up...Cows walking past our bedroom outside and rubbing on the side of our house to relieve an itch!! Not nice! Glad to hear you're having fun though. My hubby seems to think that we should pasture our remaining cows where we had them last year, near your place... I am not such a fan of this idea because we both know what happened there. We only have 20 cows left though, so maybe it will work. I'd like to get a few goats to keep at home and milk them. At the moment, we have one cow and her calf in our front yard because she's quite thin and not doing well. I'm feeding the calf from a bottle (when he decides to suck) so I hope they soon get feeling better. She doesn't make much of a lawn ornament!! Take care. (Sorry this was so long!!) : )

C said...

LOL! I LOVE long comments! The longer the better! :)

You are absolutely right. There's always a bright side! Having one cow instead of the entire herd romping in our front yard is always better. At least it was one delinquent cow. LOL!

We missed you at playgroup today! I hope you're all recovering from your trip. Sounds like the drive was a long one. :(

Hope to catch up with you soon! xx

Momisodes said...

Oh my! Sounds like those cows are just as devious as toddlers :) Hope you were able to find the cow.

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

C said...

So happy to see pics of that sweet little angel of yours! She is so, so, so pretty! Just like her Mama and big sis, Babisodes!! Hope you're doing well. XOX

Barbara said...

C, you make me laugh! I love reading your blog. So where did that crazy cow end up anyhow?

Maybe you should write a book about the adventures you have on the farm. I'd buy it in a second.


C said...

You're going to laugh when you hear my answer! I have NO CLUE where that cow went!!! How I managed to lose an animal that weighs 1500 lbs, is beyond my comprehension!! LOL!

Hubby thinks she probably went back the way she came out. We really have to find out where she's getting out from. Whoever said that cows were stupid, is terribly mistaken.

Awww...Thank you for thinking my life on the farm is funny! :) I big fuzzy heart you! <3

MealPlanningMama said...

This totally made me chuckle :)

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