Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yes, it's pretty crazy. I completely clean out my fridge when I'm stressed out. I take EVERYTHING out, chuck all the old stuff, wash all the compartments and shelving down, sanitize and disinfect everything, and arrange everything with all the labels facing frontward. This odd practice usually takes place around 2 or 3 AM. These efforts often seem in vain, since the very next day, Hubby disrespects the "labels facing frontward rule" and the "milk goes in the milk spot", "no meat products go in there unwrapped", "please put the veggies back in the veggie compartment" rules. *sigh*

If I weren't crazy enough, I also did this...
I painted a growth chart onto our wall so we can keep track of Little One's growth on there. I know, I know. Way to encourage our toddler to NOT write on our walls, right?

I did this too...
I made a second tutu for Little One. The original one I made was plain white tulle with blue and white ribbon accents. Attempt number two has pink and white tulle with pink iridescent ribbons. My little monkey just LOVES her tutu. She wants to wear it ALL DAY and wants to wear it when we go out. We had supper at our friends' and she wanted to wear her tutu to their house the other night!!

Either I'm nesting...or I'm just nuts to be doing all these extra projects. You know, since I've got so much free time on my hands. :)

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Jen @abusymommy said...

I have a fridge in dire need of your attention, can we schedule an appointment?? :P

I love the growth chart, I would do that to if I was so artistically inclined! And the tutu. too Cute! Makes me wish I had a girl!

Hope your not too stressed!

Patti McK said...

Next time you're stressed, would you mind popping over to my place. My fridge could really use cleaning out!! JK. Oh, and don't worry if it's 2 or 3am, we're all pretty sound sleepers! Although it does sound a little like nesting to me... I'm just waiting for the news you know. We were supposed to do it together last time, but LO, had her own plans! Take care C, and if you're stressed, seriously, you can always call me and vent. I'm a good listener!

C said...

:) Tee hee! I wish I could clean the rest of my house the way I clean my fridge when I'm stressed! LOL!!!

As for the tutu, I never thought I'd have a girlie girl. You know, the everything pink and frilly kind of kid? I wasn't like that and I secretly loathed everything pink and frilly. Now that I have a little girl, she does have pink and frilly things (mostly gifts from friends and fam). She looks kinda cute in pink and frilly things.

C said...

LOL! Yeah, I know! We WERE supposed to go through everything together last time! Who knows...

Have fun picking up your little chicks in GB! What kind are they?

Thanks a bunch for making me laugh! You're awesome! See you at playgroup on Friday, I hope? :) XO

t said...

My fridge needs cleaning if you;re up to it! You know I don't clean right? HA! ;0)

C said...

LOL! You're hilarious! Please tell me you clean your fridge at least once a month!?!?!

caninecologne said...

wow, you're awesome!

our growth chart is not as nice. it's just penciled on the door jamb in our master bathroom. nice huh. tc was 26 and 1/2" tall when she first started walking (10 months old). Now she's nearly 10 and is 52" tall.

i wish someone at my work would be like you and clean out the fridge. it's all kinds of gross right now. even our fridge is just as bad. looks like a job for the husband to do! ha ha

word ver:

Anonymous said...

LOL! If ever they need suits you and your in MTL area, give me a call!!! I have two fridges in dire need?!?!
Nesting??? Did I miss something??
How is everyone on the Island?
I showed the kids the mini clip of LO and the morning ritual with the cats... They were in stiches!
We are are still looking at coming to your neck of the woods early August, just working out the deets. Will let you know ASAP!
L: Stephanie

Dina said...

awww love the tutu!!

Wow your fridge looks great!

Nesting??? I thought only pregnant people did that! Or did I also miss something?!

Haley-O said...

Your crazy when you're stressed, but you're productive!? ;) Hope things have calmed down now.

Deb said...

Come do my fridge!!! Actually, you've kind of inspired me to do this to my fridge. It definitely needs it.

Love the tutus and the fact that you made them! You have so many talents.

I too have the same rules for the fridge and pantry: labels face forward and there are "spots"! How come guys just don't understand that there are "spots" for everything! I'm always having to move things around in the fridge after Sparky has put stuff back in the totally wrong spot. ha!

J at said...

I scrubbed the front of my kitchen cabinets the other day, and I also love to clean out the fridge and face things forwards. And no, there is no respect for the proper placement.

You should see our bathroom closet. I organize it, and people (WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE) throw things in it. Sigh.

C said...

We've been busy trying to get the house ready for when you guys come in a few weeks! Sadly, I'm starting to think it's a lost cause! LOL! My husband and toddler are not making it easy to have a clean house!! :(

C said...

I MISS YOU!!! That visit we had in MTL was too short! Little One has changed soooooo much since then! Hope to see you (and your kids) soon!

C said...

Can't wait until August!! :) Hey, if I get some spare time anytime soon, I'll make a tutu for M and one for Samantha and give them to you and Dani when you come visit!

C said...

Yes, crazy is a good word for it! :) Oh, and things haven't slowed/calmed down a bit. I think they just got busier! LOL! Urgh. Next year I will have to learn to cut back on a few things.

C said...

Hey, sista from anotha motha! :) Your comment made me laugh so hard! I think we need to send Hubby and Sparky to the same "fridge etiquette" school. Just kidding. I know our men are fantastic in so many ways. I often wonder if I should cut Hubby some slack. Then I think...NO WAY! He and Little One just give me so much more work, so they need to learn to put things in their proper places to begin with and then I won't have to do extra work! LOL! As if...

C said...

Ohhhh! The bathroom closet!!! Don't get me started on that one! LOL! Despite my best efforts, mine is a disaster! Urgh! Maybe I need to let go of any hopes that we'll someday have a house that has some semblance of tidiness. Okay, it really isn't that bad, but all the "stuff" and no storage room just annoys me.

Frau Guten Tag said...

well my refrigerator is just like yours (cabinets too, all has it's own spot & labels must face front), but my hubby is the same as me, it's just my stepkids that we have a battle with, LOL

C said...

Ohhhh! You are sooooooo lucky! I wish MY hubby felt the same way about fridges (and everything else)! :) Everything has its own place and needs to be a certain way! LOL! Just kidding! :)

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