Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Momma's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mommies out there! Hope your day is a very special one.

I wasn't joking when I said that all I want for Mother's Day is for Little One to continue to be the happy, healthy baby that she is.

Really. That's all I want.

I have enough "stuff" and don't need anything more. Trinkets of Hubby's affection and appreciation aren't necessary. Little One is too young to understand what Mother's Day is. When she's older, I'm sure I'll appreciate a painting or drawing that she made on her own.

Photo taken last summer (2009) at Providence Bay

Perhaps she'll adopt the tradition my brothers and I practiced for our mom on Mother's Day of every year when we were kids. We (with the help of our dad) would bring my mom breakfast in bed. We'd excitedly burst into her room with a tray that held toast, eggs, bacon, fruit, coffee and orange juice. We showered her with presents that we made at school for Mother's Day and we'd give her cards that we had made and flowers that we had picked. It was usually lilacs or daffodils, because that's what was growing at our place at that time of the year.

Now that I think of it, my mother must have loved us tremendously. She humoured us by being so excited to receive our gifts and breakfast...even when she was not a morning person and never ate breakfast! To this day, she cannot eat before noon! All those years, she entertained us because that was our gift to her and we were so excited and pleased with ourselves.

I'm sure she's kept a lot of the trinkets we made her when we were in elementary school. That jewelry box I made in grade 4 (out of a gold spray painted tissue box and decorated with macaroni and pasta shells) was the coolest thing on earth back then. Now, it probably looks gaudy. Moms appreciate their kids' creations and love their little presents for the treasures that they are.

Photo taken last year (June 2009). Little One was 7 months old.

Again, Little One is only 17 months old. She's a happy, healthy, funny, and busy little girl. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Being a mother is a gift.


caninecologne said...

Hi C - Happy Mother's Day to you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful and special mother's day!

hotmommy said...

happy mothers day chris. have a day of rest.

moiiiii said...

Very Good.

Dina said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope your day was amazing!!
BTW- looks like we're going to be coming for a visit this summer!!

C said...

Thank you! You too! Hope your Mother's Day was a great one! Hey...5 weeks and counting until you guys visit us on the Island! Woot! Woot!

C said...

Thanks! Hope your day was a great one and that your hubs and kids spoiled you!
We went out for brunch, but the day was not restful. The cows were out AGAIN!! THREE times in one day, and I actually saw how that one cow kept getting out. She just jumped over the fence!!! Crazy!

C said...

Thank you :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

C said...

Hope your day was wonderful! I am sooooo excited that you, Dani and kids will be coming to visit me!!! When Dani told me, she totally made my day!! Though I have lots of really good friends on the Island, it's not the same as having my girlfriends, y'know? I really, REALLY miss you girls!!! Can't wait! OXOX

Deb said...

hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!!

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