Monday, May 31, 2010

That's What SHE Said!

Scene: At a BBQ party on our farm just this past weekend.

My friend was nursing her newborn baby when one of the little girls at the party peered over and asked, "Why is she sucking your ARM?!?"

"She's not sucking my arm", replied my friend.

The little girl curiously asked, "She's not?" and then did a double take and exclaimed, "EWWWWW!!!! WHY is she sucking your BOOBY!?!?!?!"

My friend explained, "She's drinking her milk. That's where milk comes from."

The little girl merely replied, "Oh!" and ran off.

That was one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. Kids are hilarious! :)


Christine said...

I have had a few incidents like that in my years of "why is the baby sucking your belly?" or another was "the baby is sucking your belly's my belly button" as the little boy lifted his shirt to show me his button!

You all lokked like you had a great BBQ! I checked out the pics on Facebook.

Karen MEG said...

Ewwwwwwww ;) - that is hilarious, C!

hotmommy said...

bahahahahahaha! that';s hilarious!

Barbara said...

Love it!

One of my favorite little kid stories took place at my work. A little girl sat next to me at lunch and poked my arm. She looked up at me and asked why I was so squishy! I thought for a moment and said something like ... there are all different kinds of bodies, some are squishy and some are hard.... Her Mom was a skinny minnie! I laugh about it to this day.

Thought I'd share.


t said...

So, you know I don't have kids yet- I'm not even married yet, but I have a stupid question. Does breastfeeding make your boobies droopy? I don't want saggy boobs! Just askin'! {{{{{{lol}}}}}}}


C said...

LOL! Really??? :) That is too funny! The belly button part had me laughing!

We're having another BBQ in the fall. You guys are invited!!! :) XOXOX

C said...

LOL! Ewwwwwww! :)

C said...

I know, right?! :)

C said...

HAHAHA! Oh, you are too funny! Wow...quick thinking on that squishy/hard explanation! :) You are awesome! xO

That's a funny story. Kids crack me up.

C said...

LOL!!! For real?!?!?! You crack me up!! :) Ummm...I don't think BF makes your boobs droopy! MANY moms have told me that their boobs are never the same after nursing babies or that they kind of sag...but I dunno. I think that certain exercises can help tone or make that area firmer?? I nursed Little One for 16 months and I don't think my "boobies" look all that different. I'd have to do some research to properly answer your question. Either that, or take a poll! LOL! j/k!

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