Saturday, May 15, 2010

I like doing things in twos

Two fairy princess tutus. Check.

Two key lime pies. Check.The second key lime pie photo was taken before I put the topping on it.

Two days of meals. Check.

Laptop lunch: Waldorf salad, carrots, celery and dip, stone-milled multi-grain crackers, yogurt and strawberries + water.

Yesterday was a day like all others. In the morning, articles had to be edited for an overseas client. Mid-morning and much of the afternoon were spent running errands all over the island. I got to spend some time with my friend, Gadget Girl. Little One was with me for all the running around. She really is a good girlie. While we made a stop at the Espresso bar in town, she sat at one of the bistro tables, looking like a big girl and not a little 18 month old! She just loves going on excursions with Mommy.

As much as I LOVE coffee, I can't drink it during the day because it makes me fall asleep. The Espresso bar has the most amazing cherry smoothies I have ever tasted! If you're in town, make sure to pop by and try a smoothie...or a coffee!

I also got to hold a tiny baby yesterday. My lovely friend, Maddy's Mom gave birth to little Zozo the other week. Little One and I popped in briefly to bring Maddy's Mom a smoothie and give Maddy her "big sister present". I made her and Little One matching tutus! So cute! I just wanted to make something for the best buddies to have for play dates.

After holding a baby who is a week old, I almost forgot what it was like to be around a baby so little. Zozo is much bigger than Little One was when Little One was 3 months old (because of Little One's prematurity). Newborn babies smell so sweet! There is something about that newborn baby smell that I just want to bottle and keep! Toddlers don't smell that great. Well, maybe after bath time they do. Holding Zozo made me feel like maybe it's time to give Little One a sibling. Maybe.

After yet more errands, Little One and I rushed home to make supper (Waldorf salad) and lunch for the next day (curried chicken salad sandwiches on cracked wheat bread). Little One was fed and then off I ran to rehearsal.

When I returned from rehearsal around 10PM, Little One was sleeping. Daddy and Grandma did a good job!


J at said...

wow, were you busy! Love the tutus. Wish I could sew sometimes.

Your chicken salad looks different than mine, mostly in that yours is a sandwich, and mine is a salad. The problem with mine is that, since there's no bread, some of us get hungry a few hours later. Oh well.

Blech. Key lime pie. Wait, that was rude! I'm sorry. Just not a fan of anything key limeish (though I do love lime) nor marangueish, though I do hate marangue. Blech.

I hadn't held a little baby in so long before 2 weeks ago when Cherry's baby was born, and I had never held a 5 lb baby before (Maya was 7 lbs.), so it was kind of amazing. I think they were scared taking her home, because she was so small (and still so much bigger than your Little One), and I totally understood, because I helped them a bit with the car seat, and she was so was scary! But yeah, she smelled awesome. When Cherry first said she was moving from 10 minutes away to over an hour away, I thought, "dang, but it makes sense to be closer to work", but now it's freaking me out. I want to stop by for a quick visit, and I just can't. Dang.

C said...

I'm not into the whole "princess" thing for Little One, but the tutus were adorable. She wore hers for the entire day as she played with her toys and books! She wanted to wear her tutu to our friends' house for supper!

I should have clarified. The chicken salad photos were reversed. The Laptop Lunch had the Waldorf salad in it and the one of the sandwich was the left over Waldorf salad, with curry added to it,

Tee hee! Not rude at all!!! I'm not a fan of "sweet" sweet stuff, but I do love tart things. I love anything lime or lemon!! I'm with you on the meringue though! I HATE meringue!!! I actually cheated on this one. Because I don't like meringue, I used whipped cream!!! LOL!

Awww! Cherry's baby looks so sweet! How are Cherry and Eric doing? I know what you mean about wishing they lived closer :) An hour away is far :( At least it's not tooooooooo far though. Next time you visit Cherry, Eric and the baby, please give them hugs for us! I *just* sent Cherry's present off yesterday. I am such a slacker!!

SuperAmazingMommy said...

C, the tutus look great! How did you find time to make them????

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! I have nooooooo idea where I found time to make the tutus! LOL!

Well, off to clean and get laundry hung. See you at rehearsal in a few hours! XO

Patti McK said...

Wow. You must need a vacation! Hope the play goes well. I've heard a lot of good things already! Your key lime pie looks amazing!! Key Lime is actually one of my favorites!
Sounds like you're coming down with that newborn-induced desire!! They're contagious you know!! R-A would make a wonderful big sister(in my opinion!)
Actually, while I'm on the topic, it appears as though Taylor and Samantha will have to make room for a sibling!! I'll be due some time in December. I'll keep you posted though, so don't worry!!
Take care.

C said...


No way!! That is soooooo exciting! Actually, I had a feeling you were expecting!!! I'm going to call you NOW!!! xoxo

Keely said...

Mmmm...key lime pie....*drools*

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