Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Chocolate Lover's Dream

"Oh, don't try it! You won't like it. It's horrible!", said Hubby (in hopes that no one would eat the cake and that he'd get to keep it to himself).

You may remember that I recently had the opportunity to attend the Choco-Latte Fest in Little Current last month. Ultimately Chocolate and Loco Beanz put on a great evening of chocolate and coffee tasting. It was a mini workshop on everything chocolate and everything coffee. Trust me, these ladies really know their stuff! It's no wonder that chocolate and coffee have become their passion and their craft!

Ever since that night, I've been excited about having Ultimately Chocolate on the Island. Why? Well, for starters, they specialize in CHOCOLATE! Ultimately Chocolate brings gourmet cakes and cupcakes to Island residents and they use only the finest and all-natural ingredients. The use of certified organic and fair trade chocolate coupled with the fact that the chocolate creations are preservative-free, make one's occasional indulgence of chocolate a little less of a guilty pleasure!

For Mother's Day, we got the Caramel Crackle! It's four layers of moist chocolate cake with butter cream icing. The Caramel Crackle is a smooth caramel buttercream icing layered in your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake (we chose chocolate, of course!) and decorated with crunchy caramel bits. The top is covered with rich chocolate and some caramel.The cake is mouthwatering! I only had a sliver of chocolate decadence. Pure heaven. The cake just melts in your mouth. It's soooooo good. Both grandmas had a slice of cake and were in LOVE. The cake is so rich and so decadent that only a small piece will suffice...if you can restrain yourself. Surprisingly, we still have 3/4 of the cake left. Hubby is trying to be good and save some for our dinner guests tomorrow night.
Psssssst! Keep reading the blog for more posts on Ultimately Chocolate, their new website (which I'll post once it's up and running), and even an amazing Ultimately Chocolate giveaway to one lucky reader of Random Thoughts and Musings from the Island Reviews!!! Exciting stuff to come!


Christine said...

That looks so good it is not even fair!!!!

C said...

I know! I had one tiny little sliver and then I strapped Little One into the front carrier/sling and walked almost to the corner of 6 and 542 and back. Didn't do the whole thing though, because Little One, though petite, gets heavy after a while! LOL!

Jackie said...

i could eat the computer screen!!!

C said...

Stay tuned! Ultimately Chocolate will be sponsoring a contest on the blog sometime very soon! :)

Cherry said...

Oh goodness that sounds wonderful. I hope Ultimately Chocolate does well on the island!

C said...

Me too! You know I love baking, but certain things (like GOURMET cakes such as the Caramel Crackle!) are definitely better left to the experts! ;)

Patti McK said...

I think I just gained 5 lbs just from looking at that dangerously yummy cake!! I NEED it!! I'll definately be watching the blog for the contest Ultimately Chocolate will be sponsoring. If I slip a little something, could you make sure I win?!?! lol (and yes people, I'm just kidding!!) wink, wink!

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