Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!

1. My awesome blog buddy, CanineCologne and her family are coming to visit us in FIVE weeks!!! Canine was one of my very first blog buddies. I started blogging back in 2006 and the only people who read my blog back then were my family members, friends, and students. Back then, only two of my IRL (in real life) friends were blogging (Curiosity Killer and Fancy Pantsy Momma). Canine, Ms.Mamma, and Jane were the very first blog friends I had. They (and many other blog buddies) have become part of our lives and have been there through the whole roller coaster of events in the past few years. They've read as we got engaged, newly married, went through the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, bed rest during pregnancy, being transferred by air ambulance to Mount Sinai, and the premature birth of Little One. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It is going to be so exciting to hang out with Canine and her family, show them around this beautiful island I now call home, and...they're going to watch our performance at the Burns Wharf Theatre!!!

2. My blog friend, Cherry and her husband just welcomed their baby girl to the world. Congratulations to you and your family! We are so, so, so excited for you!

3. My wonderful friend from college and university (back in my Montreal days) and his wife are coming to the Island to visit us too! They (along with Fancy Pantsy, Dina, Dani, my family, other friends (IRL and in the blog world) helped me a lot through those rough first 70 days of Little One's life. AvoidEverything and his wife, LizzieLizard visited with me and sat in my hospital room with me while I was on bed rest and visited even after Little One was born.

I cannot wait to see them. Oh, and they are expecting their first child too!!! They will also be watching our performance at Burns Wharf. Both AvoidEverything and LizzieLizard were in the theatre program in university, so performing in front of them has me feeling a little bit under pressure! :)

4. My wonderful girlfriends, Dina and Dani are coming to visit us this summer too! I am sooooo excited! Dina, Dani and I were roommates when I lived in Toronto. They're bringing their adorable kiddies and coming for a visit sans husbands.

I feel so very lucky right now. I couldn't be happier!

I didn't hyperlink anyone's blogs in this post, because I'm too lazy tonight. If you reeeeeally want to check them out, click on my blogroll link and you will find them there!


caninecologne said...

hi c - awww, thanks!

we are so excited too!!!!

just 3 more weeks then we're outta here!!! i'm done on june 4th, but tc is done on the 8th and we leave that very night for toronto.

i'm so glad we're finally going to meet. remember we were supposed to go 2 years ago but all that stuff happened, then...well, it's all good now! so yeah, YYZ here we come! and look out Manitoulin Island! :)

i will come armed with baby crack for LO. ha ha.

word ver:
(ooh, sounds like taliban)

C said...

So, so, sooo excited!! I'm so very glad you guys are able to make it!! Yes, I know we had plans for two years ago, but...Just glad all that is good now!! :) :) :)

YYZ, woohooo! You guys are going to have a blast! I just realized how much you guys are going to do in a few days! Crrrrraazzyyyy! It'll be fun though!

HA! Just don't joke about the baby crack for LO at customs! LOL!!! Imagine?! :) One of my Korean students said something weird (I can't remember what it was) at customs at the airport and he was DETAINED! LOL! They put him in a room and made him sit at this table and take his shoes off and interrogated him!! He missed his connecting flight. What a mess!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Dina said...

we are excited for our road trip too!! It is going to be fun and chaotic all at the same time!
Such a different idea of vacation then our road trip to Montreal back in the day!

C said...

I am soooooooo excited about your trip up to see us! I miss you girls soooo much! There's nuthin' like spending time with one's good girlfriends!! XOX

P.S. You are so right! Sure different from our Montreal trip back in the day! Now the trip consists of babies and diapers, and pit stops from a minivan and not chilling out with a few drinks and doing things at our own leisure! LOL!

Momisodes said...

Sooooo jealous! I would love to go visit you all :)

C said...

Awwwww! We would LOVE for you to visit us too! I would love to give Babisodes and her little sis a BIG hug!!! Oh, they'd love hanging out on the farm and seeing all the animals! :) XO

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