Thursday, February 05, 2009

2 Days Old

Two days old "corrected", that is! Little One was supposed to be born two days ago (instead of two and a half months ago). The Public Health Nurse came in for Little One's weekly weigh-in and Little One is now 6 lbs! Amazing how she went from being 980 g at birth to 6 lbs! (Okay, Hubby is teasing me for going from Metric to Imperial. I hate the Metric system and I hate having to do the conversions even more!)The nurse said that Little One looks like a regular newborn and is acting like a two month old. She was lifting her head and looking around. She has started to follow/track with her eyes. Even though babies cannot see clearly yet, she's starting to really look at her mobile and mirror. She turns to look at where sounds are coming from. When she hears her Grampy's voice, she always pays attention. There's something about Grampy that fascinates her.Little One surprised us all during the nurse's visit when she almost rolled over completely while on "tummy time"! We were shocked! She rolled halfway over and then rolled back onto her belly.

I think one of the things I was concerned with about Little One being a preemie was that from research I have done many sources say that preemies have a higher chance of having developmental delays, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, etc. Of course, we cannot tell just yet how things will pan out for Little One, but from the looks of it, she seems to be on track for what a "term" baby would be.*Sorry for the poor quality photos! They were taken with my cell phone. Grrr! The dreaded cell phone...which will only be used for taking quick photos and as a phone book since I had that horrible cell phone bill from the two months that the baby and I were in Toronto!


t said...

hey chris- got ur msg. u'll be in toronto again on tues for r-a's aptmt at sick kids hey? how long will u be in toronto for? will u have time to meet up for a bite?
lemme know.

Danielle said...

Hey my dear,
both my cousins were premies and they are fine. no issues with any kind of behavioral issues. Your little one is beautiful and will be fine. Lots of love and hope to talk to you soon.

merinz said...

I love the photos Chrissy - poor quality or not! Little One is growing so fast!

Rosie : ) said...

My, she has changed alot already! Jamie and I cannot wait to see you guys again. :) The kids will love the updated pictures, thanks C !


Jeanna said...

Measured in grams, wow. That would be a good nick name. Little Grams you put down that chicken.

Cherry said...

She is absolutely precious. She's been impressive from the start hasn't she?

Justagirl said...

She's so pretty! It's amazing how they pick up stuff so quickly. It's a good sign that she's following things by sound and movement. I'm so happy for you that everything is going well.

Autumn's Mom said...

I love her smiling face. So will she get two birthdays to celebrate? Her real one and her corrected one?

jan said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. I feel like she is part of my family.

Uh...are you going to give her a real name?

Uncivil said...

Your cell phone takes better pictures than my camera!!!LOL
She's so puuurrrrty!!!

Dina said...

gosh chrissy!! she is like a little china doll. SOOO pretty and dainty :)
WOuld love to see you and LO again soon...please let me know if you have time to meet while you're here

C said...

It's going to be pretty tight! We're leaving Monday sometime and arriving in Toronto in the evening. LO's appointment is before lunch on Tues and then we're heading back to the Island. Pretty crazy, eh??

Hello, my lovely! Really? That is encouraging news! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel that LO will be fine, but there's always this nagging "what if?" in the back of my head. Then I think, "Well, who cares? Even if she has challenges along the way in terms of development, that won't even matter." Then again, the nurse who visits weekly was telling me how it looks like LO will be just fine. In fact, she's pretty advanced in many respects :)

C said...

I have been thinking of you! I don't know why but I woke up thinking about our phone conversation when I was on bed rest at home! Hope you are doing well, my friend! XO

These cell phone camera pics just don't cut it! I need you and Jamie over here! ;) I know your schedule's tight, so we'll touch base when things slow down. Tee hee...things never seem to slow down much when you have kids, do they? :) I'm only realizing that now...and I've only got ONE and not seven! xo

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