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I was just thinking about how CK, Fancy and I have been so preoccupied lately that we haven't updated our "Green Is Her New Blog" blog in ages!

This is what has been keeping me away from the blog and the blog world :)The last time I posted on our green blog was August 25, 2008! Remember the "Green Gadgets for Summer Fun" post? I popped on over to post something, and was happy to see that our lovely and talented CK had posted something new!

My friends, I must say that I feel like a total fraud. I mentioned on the green blog that I was totally going with cloth diapers as opposed to disposables. I still intend on going the cloth route, but I haven't yet...and I feel very, very guilty.
Photo from here via Google Images

I had full intentions of using cloth diapers on Little One, but she ended up arriving way too early and in the NICU they use disposable everything (for infection prevention, hygienic reasons, and among other reasons which totally make sense to me being in a high risk unit with lots of babies who need medical attention). Plus, I don't even know if there are any places that make cloth diapers small enough to fit preemies that small. Then there's the whole thing about her having very sensitive skin. Twice in her NICU stay she had an awful bum sore...and that was with diapers that are quilted so that they wick away the wetness! The poor thing had a raw bottom. Just a tiny spot, but it looked very unpleasant. Nothing that three days of Zinc oxide and some air drying didn't cure though. Poor little bum bum!Photo of Little One while she was in the NICU. Only a week or so old here and on CPAP room air and NG tube.

I'm going to wait a bit, but I still want to try the cloth diapers. Hubby and I try to tread lightly on the earth. However, with this time to think about the pros and cons, I think about all the water we are going to be using with all the extra laundry and diaper washing. Which leaves me with the dilemma of which is more important? Water conservation or reducing landfill waste? I'm thinking perhaps a combination of both? What do you think?

Oh, and if you haven't checked out CK's brainchild yet, click on Green Is Her New Blog. See you there!


caninecologne said...

hi c! cute picture of your baby! hope all is well with you guys!

did you know there's a special 3-disc version of 'twilight' available only for canada? it's being sold thru hmv. i want it. ha ha.

anyhow, loved the photo of LO (little one) in the thick jacket with the furry hood. so cute!

word ver:

C said...

REALLY?!?!?! OMG. You knew there's a special 3-disc version of "Twilight" only for Canada and sold through HMV and I didn't know...and I'm IN Canada?!?!

I keep meaning to call you! I'll get around to it. Soon-ish!!!

Jeanna said...

No one blames you for that, C. The fact that you can function at all is a miracle. She really looks bigger in that photo, maybe it's the angle.
I'm laughing at the 3-disc version of Twilight. Got into an amusing conversation with people at the video store who were reserving their copies.
It's the Oscars tonight and yall are talking about a three disc version of one of the worst movies of last year.
But dang.

C said...

LOL!!!! Oh, you are a hoot! You are right. It wasn't the greatest movie ever made, but it's the whole "story" that was good. I fell in love with the books, and the kept true to the main story line, but omitted a lot of little character building bits from the book. However, the eye candy in the movie....*swoon*

FancyPansy said...

I cloth diaper and love it!

There are environmental arguments either way...but IMO the environmental impact of Cloth is far less.

Firstly, water is a farm ore renewable resource than land, or fuel.

The issue with disposables isn't only the landfills, but also the enregy used on manufacturing and distributing the diapers, both to the retailers, and then back to the landfills. As well they say (they as in the cloth diapering advocates who do more research than me) that the amount of water that goes into manufacturing disposable diapers far surpasses the water used to clean cloth ones. Also, a lot of not nice and very manufactured things go into diapers (like the absorbant gel).

Asfor the work (you didn't ask, but must be wondering) it is FAR FAR less than I anticipated. Just like with disposables, I drop the dirty diapers in a bin. Then, stead of going into the garbage...they go into the washer. It is an extra load of laundry every day or 2, but it is easy laundry (you can make it tougher if you are anal about folding organizing your diapers I guess...but mine just go from the drying rach into a pile in the drawer-realistically, they are to get shit on so I am not going to obsess about them looking pretty in the closed drawer before they get shit on!).

The pros, besides enviromental, are that they are so soft and cute and it is so nice to no longer have to make midnight runs to the drugstore for diapers, or see my grocery bills go up with them all! The initial cost is pricey, but after a few months, they've already paid for themselves.

We did not use cloth in the NICU with Charlotte, but have now not used a disposable in over 6 weeks (we switched to them for a few days when her cord wasfalling off, as she was getting blood on the cloth, and the disposables did a better job of not irritating it)and love it.

C said...

Thank you!! I was soooooooooo hoping you'd leave a comment about cloth diapers!

I'm actually looking forward to starting cloth on Little One. I was wondering...How many would you suggest me getting? I wonder what a good number of cloth diapers is enough? I mean, with all the washing, etc. A dozen? Two dozen?

Word verification: racines

Shannon said...

Cute baby pictures. Glad to hear she is doing well! Looks like she might be big enough for cloth diapers soon :)

Cherry said...

I bought some cloth diapers last year, if you can believe it.... alas they sit in the box they came in but they will be used someday.

But I didn't go with the all cloth. I bought G-diapers which are a hybrid. Instead of a folded liner put inside a diaper cover you put in this absorbent liner which can be flushed or composted. I got them used on eBay and figured we could try them out. Downside is the water with the flushing (we have low flush toilets so hopefully it won't be too bad) and you still have to buy lots of liners so it maybe not actually be saving much for the good ol'earth.

We'll see what we actually end up using by the time we get there.

Cherry said...

BTW - my word verf that last time was "porticet" which makes me think of a port-a-potty and since we are talking diapers....

C said...

I hope so! I am actually really excited about using cloth diapers on Little One!

C said...

LOL! How appropriate for a word verification!

I'm going to have to check out the diapers you are talking about. The idea of composting liners seems doable. We compost at our place, so even if we went all cloth for some and some with the liners that can be composted, that would be ideal.

I may keep some disposables on hand for when we travel though. We'll see.

FancyPansy said...

Chrissy I would get about 24 diapers, so you can do laundry every 2-3 days. You wouldn`t want to let it go more than that anyways, as it can get too set and harder to clean well. I do my dipes every 1-2 days, and have about 30 diapers. I could go 2-3 days, but I don`t since I am home and find it easier to just throw in a load a day.

Gdiapers are cute, and you can also use cloth liners or prefolds or fitteds in the covers if you want. I would not go with them perosnally as IMO they are too expensive for a disposable item (the liners are not cheap), but they are a neat compromise.

We haven`t travelled with Charlotte yet, but if we did I would probably use disposables as well, unless we were staying somewhere we`d have access to a laundry machine. I do use cloth out of the house though. Originally I was not sure if I`d use it for nights and outtings...but so far we use them 100% of the time and it is no problem at all.

C said...

Thank you for the cloth diaper tips and advice. Good point about the liners. It does defeat the purpose of cost effectiveness, I guess. So, when you take Charlotte to the mall or elsewhere, I guess you just put the soiled cloth diaper into a waterproof bag and then bring it home to wash, right?

Calfkeeper said...

Hi, I was trying to comment on the beavertails post, but computer kept crashing.

Anyway. Good for you for going the cloth route. I didn't because of the rash factor. But maybe that was just a temp thing and I should have stuck with it.

I loved the pics of your bro out ice fishing. Too cute.

Your daughter is the cutest though.

Yes, when I googled banana ketchup I saw they made it in the Philippines. It'd be fun to try it, but I dunno what interesting stuff I could send you in return.

Hope you are getting plenty of sleep. : )

Shiny Green Penny said...

I love using cloth - way better for containing "explosions" and such. Here on the the Island, our landfills are so "full" that I think I would rather not contribute to that problem, and, also, you can pass on the cloth diapers to someone else when you are done with them! Plus they have such cute round bums with the cloth dipes!

lisaschaos said...

She is just the cutest! I love her!

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