Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In and Out

...of Toronto!

Yesterday, Little One had an appointment at Sick Kids Hospital with the opthamologist. With preemies, it is routine to check for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). In preemies, the blood vessels in the retina are not fully developed yet and though the blood vessels can develop as they should with time, sometimes the retina's blood vessels grow abnormally. This can cause vision loss or total blindness.

Unfortunately, the hospital in closest "big city" to us does not perform ROP exams for out-patients, so we had to make the 6 hour drive to Toronto with a 3 month old. Well, what is supposed to be a 6 hour drive ended up being a 9 hour drive because we had to stop every 2 hours for diaper changes and feedings.

Luckily for us, Little One is an AMAZING traveler (heck, she's already traveled by airplane and ambulance before)! She was really, REALLY good! She slept most of the way and when she was awake, she just looked around and listened to music. The funny thing is that when Hubby put on some Country music, Little One showed her displeasure! Tee hee!

We got to Toronto in the late evening and her appointment was at 12:45PM the next day. We were seen around 3PM, and shortly after that we made our way back home. Oh, the ROP exam showed that Little One's eyes are...NORMAL!!! :) The doctor said that Little One looks great but will be followed by an eye doctor closer to us because with preemies there is a risk for having lazy eye, being cross-eyed or having nearsightedness. Anyway, we were happy to know that since Little One's eyes are normal, she will no longer need to return to Sick Kids for more ROP exams! Yippeeee!

Oh, and today Little One is 3 months old (9 days corrected)!! Happy monthaversary, Little One!


Jeanna said...

Happy three months to the sweet little girl. You may have to start taking her on drives to make her happy. Another great outfit.

Autumn's Mom said...

She is just a medical marvel. What a trip! Funny she dislikes country already..does she get that from her mama??? haha

C said...

The girlie loooooves her drives!
BTW, word ver= ingwases! LOL!

C said...

Hello, my lovely! I noticed you and my Hubby are now FB friends! Too cool! :)
As for the dislike for country music...yep! She got that from her mama! I have to admit there are a FEW country songs and country singers that I don't mind. I actually do love the Dixie Chicks. They're some pretty kickass girls! Love them! Plus they are talented singers too. In general though, I don't really care much for country. Country music and hockey teams are the only things Hubby and I have opposing views on.

t said...

happy monthaversary little one! its been a while since i have been able to check out your blog chris. so happy you're still blogging. and i'm mad at you for coming to toronto and not visiting me! no phone call even! it's ok just next time stay longer!

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