Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Decisions, decisions!

Little One, Hubby and I have been staying at my parents' since Little One and I got home from the hospital. Hubby has been making our house all "new and improved" and ready for Little One to live in. He has replaced every window in the house and has had the basement done. The roof is also on the list and will be redone when the weather gets better.

In the meantime, Little One's room remains unfinished. My lovely friend Gadget Girl came over last summer to paint the nursery for me when I was pregnant. She didn't want me anywhere near paint fumes. Isn't she sweet? :) She called me a few nights ago to ask how Little One's room looks now. Ummm...Nothing has changed since Gadget Girl was here! I ended up being airlifted to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto soon after she left. The past few months have been spent on bed rest and then spending my days at the NICU with the baby. Now that we are home (but not in our home yet), I really want to get the house cleaned up and Little One's room finished.

My wonderful soon-to-be-Mommy friend, K told me about these adorable wall stickers she got for her baby-to-be's room. K's baby (The Bun) is going to have one really awesome looking room! Wall stickers are such a great idea! You can peel them off and move them around if you don't like the look of things. I love that they aren't permanent. They can be changed as your child outgrows the original look or when you just want a new look.

The walls in Little One's room are a sunny yellow. I am having a difficult time trying to decide what kind of stickers I want for her room. Any preferences? Suggestions? Which would you choose?

What I would really love would be for the lovely and talented Ms.Mamma to come over and do a baby room make-over! I'd love for her to paint a wall mural for Little One! Ms.Mamma is one really, reeeeally talented arteeeest!


Danielle said...

Hey Chrissy
I have not seen those kinds of wall stickers before, we have princess removable stickers all over our little girls room and Thomas all over our little boys. This way when the outgrow them we can remove them and have something new. BTW I like the flowers and butterflies

Autumn's Mom said...

I've heard of these before, the catalog I looked at didn't have baby ones. So cute :) I didn't realize you were home but not HOME!

merinz said...

I love the lollipop garden.

C said...

Yeah, the flowers and butterflies are cute, eh?
I was going to give you and Dina a call when I was in TO but we were pretty much in and out. What a short trip. We'll catch up soon though! Miss you! XO

C said...

Yes, unfortunately I'm home but not home :( Before I got back from the hospital, Hubby was having renovations done to our home. It's looking great, BUT the entire house is turned upside down from all the construction. Gah. Little by little I've been cleaning up the room at a time. It's hard though when I've got to breastfeed every few hours and take care of the baby. We're at my parents' right now because our house has too much sawdust and crap from the renovations. *sigh*

C said...

I like the lollipop garden too! :) It's been so long since I've popped over to yours. Hopefully sometime this weekend. XO

Dina said...

i got stickers for E's room. Blue Jean bear ones...he loves them!!
i LOVE those butterfly ones for LO! I may steal the idea and get them for my little butterfly's room :) that was supposed to be the theme but it never panned out completely :)
Hope to see you again soon! Stay longer in the city next time!!

Rosie : ) said...

Every one of them is wonderful. I like the tree, mostly because it represents life and family. But, for a little girl, the butterflies and flowers are very cute. :)

Tough decision!

C said...

I soooooooooo wanted to give you a call to see if you had time to meet up for lunch with Little M or something. I cannot believe how short our trip was. EXHAUSTING. I will try to call you this week. Miss you guys! Hope to see you SOON!

C said...

Allo! I agree with you. I like the tree because of what it represents, but the butterflies and flowers are cute too.

fancymomma said...

we have butterflies swarming from the crib. of the ones you showed, i like the flowers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
Melanie has the tree sticker wall art, it looks really cute. the farm one would look nice for your farming theme.

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