Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Other Man

Yes, many of you may think I am a happily married woman and doting mother of a three month old baby girl. The truth is that not many of you know of the secret I've been hiding for the past few months.

It's been painfully embarrassing because I never thought I'd ever have these feelings. I mean, I'm married! I'm not supposed to have a crush on any other man.

Want to meet my boyfriend? Well, here he is...I blame my new love interest on my friend Canine Cologne. She was the one who introduced me to Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson. She was the enabler of this whole interest in another man ;)During my hospital bed rest when I was pregnant, I read the Twilight Saga because Canine was raving about it. Fancy Pantsy and Deb also talked about the books so much that I wanted to see what the hype was all about. It's a gripping tale of a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. He's not your ordinary vampire though. He and his 'family' are 'vegetarian' vampires. They don't consume the blood of humans. It's not fantastic literature in the way that it is written, but it is the type of book that you don't want to put down.

While I was in Toronto, most of my time was spent at the hospital with the baby. I spent my entire days in the NICU. My wonderful friend, J finally told me that I needed a night out. We went to a pub for dinner and then we saw Twilight!

To be honest, it wasn't at all what I expected it to be. The movie was pretty true to the book, with the exception of many little things that were omitted. I know that parts of books are always left out in movies, but I was surprised at what was left out. The little details were somewhat crucial to character development though. Anyway, I was just really excited to finally see the movie...and to see my Edward!

Getting back to the pub and movie thing. Going out with a great gal pal isn't like how it was when we were single and younger! J and I met up at Yonge and Eglinton. A true hot spot for dining and going out with friends with I was still living in Toronto and before we both got married and had babies.

We got to the pub and felt like cougars!!! Everyone looked so young! The cute waiter looked young enough to be our son (if we had him when we were like 13 years old or something)! I mean, he was very attentive, cheeky yet suave, but he was just soooo young! I think he was in his very early 20's!

Then came the movie. Twilight wasn't playing at Silver City, but it was playing at Famous Players. Silver City is much newer and bigger. The seats are more comfortable and the sound is a lot better. I don't think anyone even goes to that Famous Players anymore! When we got there, the place was deserted. It was empty! There weren't even any employees at the ticket booth! There were two girls working at the concession stand and we had to purchase our tickets there. We probably could have just walked in and watched the movie without paying because there wasn't even a guy to collect the ticket stubs before you go in to see the movie! Of course we wouldn't do that though, because that's just not right. Right?

It honestly felt like we were in a horror movie. I was almost expecting Freddy Krueger to jump out and slash us. The entire movie theater was dead silent and not a person was in sight. We had our pick of any seat in the house since we were the only ones there. J was laughing at me because I had goosebumps on my arms from being so scared. I must have a very active imagination because the only thing I could think of was that we could be murdered, attacked, mugged or raped there because there was no one around. C' was totally possible, right?


The lights dimmed and the commercials and previews were about to begin, when all of a sudden there was this noise. I screamed bloody murder (as I practically jumped out of my skin and onto J's lap!), and J started laughing her butt off. It was just the cleaning person collecting the garbage in the hall. I have never been so scared in my life. J said, "And you want to watch a scary vampire movie?!?"

Gotta love a night out with a gal pal! :)


t said...


I didn't really like Twilight; ok it sucked, Then again I didn't read the book.

C said...

Yes, Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson, along with Michael Smith from Chef at Home are my two latest crushes! LOL!

I've heard a few people say that about Twilight. There's no in between. People either really loved it or really hated it. I find the people I've spoken to who have hated it are mostly those who haven't read the books :)

caninecologne said...

Thanks for "blaming me" for your ROBSESSION!!!! Ha ha. Cedric who? I hope your husband isn't mad at me.

Seriously, he is hot hot hot (but not in that photo that you posted)...And talk about older...I am old enough to be his mother (if I had a kid at age 17). I feel so pervy.

btw, the word ver (and I shit you not) is:


C said...

LOL! I know! I was trying to find a really good photo of him. The one I posted wasn't the greatest, eh? LOL!

Oh, and SCARI! Too funny!

C. K. said...

I never saw the movie cause I heard it wasn't that good... but sounds like you had a BLAST!! You so deserve it...

And yeah, he is pretty darn cute for a vampire. ;)

caninecologne said...

hi c - the movie was so bad that it was good!it was unintentionally cheesy in a lot of parts and seething with teen angst! although the books aren't well written, i was still absorbed in them this past summer. OMG, Hurry up, NEW MOON!!!!!

are u wearing your ms. behavin' lipstick? ha ha

word ver - fadeavo

C said...

Yeah, most of my friends who have never read the books didn't enjoy the movie at all. Everyone who has read it just loved it! I think it's the type of movie you have to have read the book for in order to appreciate it! LOL!

Mr. Hollywood watched the movie and he immediately told Mrs. Hollywood to tell me that "It SUCKED!!!" LOL!

Miss you, girlfriend! XO

C said...

I just realized that your avatar/profile pic is a really good pic of "our" boyfriend! LOL! You know the Breaking Dawn hardcover you sent me? It had t-shirt decals that read "Team Edward". Would it be cheesy if I actually ironed it onto a t-shirt and wore it? LOL! Too funny! My husband is rolling his eyes right now! ;p

I actually liked the movie. I think it's because I loved the books so much. I couldnt't put the books down and I fell in love with Edward's character. The fact that Robert Pattinson was chosen for the role made it even better! Ahem! Cedric Diggory!! LOL!

I still want to be Bella! LOL!

caninecologne said...

hi c- i liked the movie too, not because it was a cinematic masterpiece, but because of the cheeze factor. oh yeah, and the vampire eye candy.

yeah, i realized that the book had the decals - didn't they have a team jacob one too? throw that one away, eh! kidding. who knows, maybe taylor will steal away robward's thunder in new moon.

by the way, am doing fine - not stressed at work at all. enjoying my 4-day weekend due to president's day. had tc's hair chopped - donated 8" to the american cancer society. she has the coolest hairsyle now!

i'm so glad you are back at home with your daughter! : )

word ver - ounranti

C said...

Can't wait to see TC's new 'do!!! :) BTW, the vampire eye candy...Mmmmmmm! Oh, but Jasper just cracked me up the entire time. What was with that crazy "look" he kept doing with his eyes the whole time? LOL!

I sort of expected Rosalie to look different than how she was depicted in the movie. In the book, Bella kept talking about how beautiful Rosalie was.

Calfkeeper said...

Ha ha ha. You are funny. Thank you for popping by.

I have dropped in several times but by the time I read your great posts I don't have time to comment. Sorry.

Anyway. The little one is SOOOO cute. I am so happy she is doing great. And, yes, when you have a baby you have NO time. Ha! It's incredible how one so tiny can take up so much of your life!

I loved the Twilight Saga series of books. I think one of the main draws is her descriptions and character development. Her book "The Host" has the same draw. Haven't seen the Twilight movie. Maybe someday....

caninecologne said...

The chick who played Rosalie was NOT the most beautiful girl in the world. She had fake blond hair and a butt chin. Sorry dude. Fail. :(

"The Host" sucks veiny donkey balls. don't bother. i wasted $14 on it and gave it to a lady at the gym. i couldn't get into it. science fic is not my thing.

Jasper - they edited him kind of badly - made him look constipated and didn't explain his power of manipulating emotions. all i can say is Jasper with the Baseball bat!!!! Swoon.

C said...

Thank you :) She has come a long way :) Hard to believe all the drama we went through 3 months ago! Crazy! Can't wait to see updated pics of your little one!

C said...

Yeah, he did look constipated! Oh, you are so right though about Jasper playing baseball!!! *drool* *swoon*

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