Friday, February 20, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...and Other Randomness

Little One, totally flaked out from a walk outside!

Baby Bro is one busy guy. He's a university student and he is in charge of media at his university (newspaper, radio, TV, convocation, etc). He also works at a restaurant to earn some extra dinero.

He loves coming to the Island to get some well-deserved R&R...and to visit us, of course! ;) When he's here he gets to do things he can't do in the city...
1. Get some reeeeeeeeally good sleep!!! It must be all the fresh air!
2. Eat home-cooked meals every day! Little Bro tells us what he wants for dinner and his requests are honoured. His menu always includes Shepherd's Pie, Chinese won tons and lasagna.
3. Hang out with his familia. Ma and Pa are always so excited when Baby Bro is here!
4. Go fishing! The boys (Baby Bro, Pa and my cousins and uncle) can spend the entire day out on the lake!

Baby Bro, his girlfriend and Pa went ice fishing this time. It was Baby Bro's first time ice fishing.
Can you tell that they were just a little bit excited to be out there? It helped that the hut they were in was insulated and heated. They even made hot chocolate and coffee on the wood stove in there!

Now for the random stuff...
Baby Bro and his GF (we LOVE that girl!!!) spent the week up on the Island. There was no shortage of baby spoilers here! Can you feel the luv?
Seems like just yesterday that I was changing my Baby Bro's diapers! Now he's taking care of my Little One!

Lola ("Grandma" in tagalog) and the baby.

A family photo
Remember I said that I've never seen so much pink in my life??? She even matches her diaper bag! Pink and brown!
To most people, Little One still looks teeny tiny, but I'm always amazed at how much she's grown and how fast she's growing! At birth she was 34 cm long and now she is 47.5 cm long!

She has started to give us more sleep at night and the crying isn't constant like it was last week. I think you guys were right. It must have been due to her getting her shot.

I still look tired though!

A Surprise in the Mail!!!
JetBaby sent these over for Little One. THANK YOU, JetBaby! xoxo
She remembered my love for the big hair bands back in the day! Little One is going to be one rockin' farm girl! The John Deere outfits because Little One's Daddy is a farmer :)
You must, must, MUST check out JetBaby if you are in the Oakville area! I know I can't wait to head over there next time we're in Toronto! JetBaby has "cool clothes for half-pint hipsters"! I can't wait to head over and get Little One a Bob Marley onesie! I cannot get over all the cool items JetBaby has in stock! It'll blow you away! Even Hubby is impressed! He loves the John Deere section!
Finally, some photos of the other grandkids! Here's my mom and my beautiful nieces in K-town. Congrats, Middle Bro and Lele! Twin A and Twin B are absolutely precious!Of course, who can forget about that adorable, sweet, smart, funny, charming little nephew of mine! What a good big brother he is to the twins! I love this photo of him giving his baby sister (Twin B) a kiss! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!Once I get to know the twins and their personalities emerge, hopefully I'll find nicknames for them (for the blog) that are fitting, I don't really like calling them "Twin A" and "Twin B".

Okay, just one more of my super cute nephew!


J at said...

LOVE the pics of your family. :) Beautiful. That poor fish never had a chance against baby bro and gf!

I'm so glad little one isn't crying as much now. WHEW. Just be prepared next time she gets a shot. Of course, because you're prepared, it won't happen. They like to throw you off that way. ;)

Jeanna said...

Poison, John Deere, and ice fishing, now you're talking, kiddo. You need to put that kid in a baby fashion show. Would that be a kittycat walk?
I was shocked and amused to see your comment on my blog this morning. So much so that I slapped together a post for you as soon as I read it.
What's a funnel cake indeed.

Uncivil said...

You have the loveliest family! Tell me you didn't actually take her out in that weather? You're kidding about the walk outside right?

C said...

I know! Poor fish! :( Baby Bro caught one fish on the first day and the next day his GF caught two!

Little One hasn't been crying like last week, but she still doesn't like to be put down! I tried carrying her in the Baby Bjorn, but she isn't a fan. I tried the sling, but I think she's still a bit small. *sigh*

C said...

Poison, John Deere, and ice fishing...LOL! Wow...a combination I never expected to be included in my life! Can't believe this will be my 5th year on the Island!

LOL...the funnel cake comment! Thanks for that special post. Ya gotta keep me educated on all yer culinary deeeelights in yer parts, y'hear? ;p

C said...

I didn't take her ice fishing. I'm a freak when it comes to exposing Little One to the elements. Heck, I'm a freak when it comes to exposing her to germy people too! LOL!

I did, however, take her out for a 5 min walk to the mailbox. Yikes. I think I'll wait a few weeks before I do that again. It was a bit too windy. She did end up sleeping for a few hours after the walk though!

t said...

Just a quick hello. Hope you guys are all doing well. You didn't reply to my text message but then i realized that you probbly keep it off since your cell phone fiasco. Did you get the problem solved? Hope so! Will try to call you tomorrow k? On your land line!

C said...

Thanks! I haven't checked my text messages yet but I did hear my cell phone beep to let me know I had a message.

Did I tell you that the baptism will be the last weekend of July? You'll be there, right? :) XO

Cherry said...

HA! I love the pictures of Baby Bro and his GF with their catches.

YAY for more sleep! You look beautiful even if you still feel tired. Beautiful shots.

Reminds me I MUST get that package in the mail for you. It's been sitting all boxed up for months.

C said...

Thank you for the sweet comment. You are awesome!

Yes! Hooray for more sleep!! AND, Hubby has been kind to me and has been letting me sleep and giving LO a bottle at 3AM. I figure one bottle won't be so bad. It's still breast milk and it also give Hubby time to bond with LO. The best part is I get to sleep!! LOL!

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