Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nooooooooo Way!!!

The other week, I had a terrible nightmare. In my dream, I was breastfeeding Little One and as I looked down at her delightfully sweet face, there was this crazy, fierce look in her eyes and she opened her mouth and flashed me these horrific yet sparkling vampire fangs!!!

Yes, I dreamt that my daughter was a vampire. Frightening? Not as frightening as what I am about to tell you.I mentioned in my last post that Little One has been super cranky. Nothing seems to appease her. She has started biting me. Yes, with that adorable, gummy, toothless "newborn" mouth of hers. Though she is technically only supposed to be a newborn, she has been living on this earth, outside of the womb for almost four months.

When the nurse made her routine visit, Little One was drooling, irritable, not feeling well, her gums were a bit tougher than before and the ridges looked like they were getting white. Oh, and she was gnawing at my hand.

Nurse: Oh! It looks like Little One is probably going to start teething soon!
Me: (in total eyes must have looked like they'd pop out of my head!) NO WAY! SERIOUSLY?
Nurse: (smiling) Yes, some babies start teething early. Generally they can start around four months. Little One is almost four months.
Me: (still in shock) But, she's so young. She's only supposed to be three weeks old!
Nurse: True, but she's also almost four months old. Maybe she's one of those early developers.

After the nurse left, being the super sleuth obsessed information hungry curious person I am, I Googled developmental milestones and found this!

Well, that would explain a lot. It's still hard to believe though.

Thank you, everyone...for sharing all your advice, tips, comments, experiences and comforting words. I did get some sleep and feel much more refreshed. I guess it was "one of those days" and you just happened to be there as I publicly announced that I was bonkers.
In all seriousness, Little One isn't as cranky as she was a few days ago... and I'm feeling a lot more rested :)


J at said...

One thing...if she bites you while nursing, with or without teeth, it will hurt. Nip that in the bud, and take away the breast. I mean it. Maya bit the hell out of me, and it turned into a game for her, and often had me in tears. I asked the doctor what to do, and she said, if she's hungry, she'll eat. The biting is a game, and if she's biting, she's playing. She doesn't have the knowledge or understanding of your pain to know she's hurting you.

Maybe she won't try it...I hope not, but if she does, just sweetly put it away and wait to feed her until later. :) TMI?

jan said...

OMG,I can't believe someone else had the vampire dream. I woke up screaming from that one and I never have nightmares. It took me a while to get over that image in my mind.

Veronica said...

'Teething' is also another way that babies learn about their environment. Their mouth is more sensitive than any other part of their body, so it gives them more accurate feedback on what a thing feels like. The drooling happens because at about 3 months (give or take) their saliva production kicks in heaps, but they haven't quite learned how to close their mouth and swallow it without the nipple stimuli.

Does that make sense?

I remember everyone telling me that Amy was teething at 2-3 months, in reality she was just a grumpy grumpy baby. She didn't get her first tooth until she was nearly 11 months.

Cherry said...

Next you're gonna tell us she's running around and telling stories of how daddy makes farts!

Early developer indeed!

C said...

Ohhh...thanks for the head's up. Biting = no fun (for mommy, that is)!

Amazing how someone so little can give you so much pain! LOL! Yeeouch.

Word ver: artican
Reminds me of "artisan", which in turn reminds me of you.

I meant to tell you I was craving corn chowder (actually, I was craving chowder...clam, corn, seafood...anything! As long as it was chowder!) and I thought of the recipe you posted a while ago. Mmmmm.

C said...

You had the vampire dream too??? Okay, I'm actually a bit more relieved then. I was trying to analyze the dream. Do I think subconsciously that my daughter is sucking me dry ( more ways than one)? Or perhaps I've been reading too many vampire books? The dream may have been prompted by the last book in the Twilight series. Or...maybe I just need more sleep.

C said...

Oh! Thanks for the info! I was talking to another mom who has an 8 month old and that 8 month old has been "teething" since she was 4 months old...only she JUST cut her first tooth recently. She'd been "teething" for 4 months though. I guess the gums were getting ready for teeth?

Little One has been less cranky today. She even let me sleep a few hours at night AND have a nap during the day.

C said...

That's frightening! LOL! My niece was over tonight and we had LO on the play mat for tummy time. LO was showing off and doing push ups, half turning over, and moving from the center of the mat to almost being off it. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

ya know, it is funny. even though they say preemies are often on-track developmentally with their adjusted age...almost all the ones i know (and that's a lot, since i have loads of online friends...and i also know several irl) are pretty close to on track for thier actual age by 3-4 months...except by size. i guess there is something to be said for the experience of life outside the womb even for preemies!

glad to hear she is doing so well. as for, who knows? babies get cranky some days and we always look for reasons but often they just...are. also, teething symptoms can come and go for months before you actually see teeth!

there is actually a movie coming out about a bfing baby who craves blood. blech.

J at said...

I thought about your dream, and it totally makes sense. Esp since you've been reading vampire books, the movie, the whole vampire lore is very much out there right now. And here is this being who drinks from you, whose nourishment comes from your body. I suspect if Buffy had been on TV when Maya was an infant, I might have had the same dream!

word verification: joysing
How awesome, and perfect for the award you gave me. :) Another thing that makes me happy, singing for joy!

Karen MEG said...

A vampire dream, oh C, you need more sleep LOL!!
The boy started drooling at about 3 months, teething yup, around 4 months... he had a wardrobe of bibs alone. I gave them to my sister and she said "how many bibs do you need?"... but that's only cuz it was a droolfest around here for months :)

Uncivil said...

Thank gawd the only vampire dreams I have envolve Elvira or Vampirella!
That is just the most adorable picture of the little toothy one!

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