Thursday, April 06, 2006

50 Things about Me

I am such a biter!! LOL So many of my friends have posted their "100 Things About Me" lists, that I decided I would write 50 things about me, since I'm now onto my 50th blog entry. I stole this idea mainly from Jill and Dina. (Thanks girls!)

Et voila!

50 Things about Me

1. I’m marrying the most wonderful man in the world and I’m so love with him.
2. It doesn’t take much to make me cry (anything from TV commercials to Disney movies bring on the tears!)
3. I love to draw and paint.
4. I love cooking for others! Hosting dinner parties and baking for charity events are some of my favorite things.
5. I love my little brother PJ (who’s not so little anymore! He’s now in university).
6. My family and friends are the dearest things to me.
7. I’m very close to my family and friends.
8. I now live on an island in the middle of the largest fresh-water lake in the world (that's in another fresh water lake).
9. My mom and I operate a little motel on the island.
10. I have my own English as a Second Language business.
11. I love teaching ESL.
12. I’ve traveled to Asia, Indonesia, the Caribbean, and have seen a lot of Canada and the United States.
13. I haven’t been to Europe yet and would also like to visit Australia and New Zealand.
14. I lived and taught in Japan for two years.
15. I still miss my life in Japan sometimes.
16. I would love to go back to Japan, but have planted roots here on the island.
17. I would never ask my hubby-to-be to move anywhere for me.
18. I love the life my hubby-to-be and I have.
19. I’ve had a few of my poems published.
20. I’ve been published in the newspaper a few times.
21. I’ve been featured in the newspaper a few times (either in interviews or in the local gossip column- don’t worry, good stuff only, of course!)
22. I don’t take criticism very well at all. The slightest critique makes me very defensive. It’s something I am trying to work on though.
23. I can’t stand rude, obnoxious ‘know it alls’.
24. I used to like to party hard when I was in my teens and early-mid twenties.
25. Now I can’t even drink. I’m such a lightweight that one drink now gets me sloshed.
26. I am turning into a carbon copy of my mother.
27. I hate clutter.
28. I’m not the greatest housekeeper! My kitchen and bathroom have to be immaculate, but everything else just tidy.
29. I love my puppy, Chance. If anything were to ever happen to him, I don’t think I could ever have another pet again!
30. I don’t keep any junk food or pop in our house.
31. I like to cook our food from scratch.
32. I graduated from university with a B.A. in Honours English.
33. I’ve been told that I’m too nice and need to toughen up sometimes.
34. I’ve been burnt in the past by people I cared for.
35. I love happy endings.
36. I surround myself with only positive people.
37. I’m creative and artistic.
38. The greatest pleasures are watching the Northern Lights light up the night sky or making a wish on a shooting star with my man.
39. Walking on the beach is a lot more enjoyable when you’re with the person you love.
40. I try to see the good in everyone, but that sometimes gets me burnt.
41. I like making lists. I’ve got a zillion to-do lists all over the place.
42. I love my dad.
43. I miss my late grandfather and my late aunt Zen.
44. Some of the most fun people to hang out with are a bunch of trannies on the beach in Puerto Galera.
45. I love my filipino background and I love my family in the Philippines.
46. I get along amazingly with my mother-in-law-to-be. She is such a wonderful woman.
47. I’m addicted to the internet. I NEED to check my e-mail every day, no matter how busy I am with work!
48. No matter what ‘city folks’ think, we ARE always busy here on the island!
49. I hate it when people think the island is isolated and there’s nothing to do.
50. I am afraid of heights, swimming in bodies of water where I can’t see what’s beneath me, spiders, the dark.


Dina said...

wow...some things i never knew about you-even after living with you for that wonderful year and a half!!
and of course some things i didn't know you knew about yourself!!

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Yes, these "things about me" lists are great for self-examination sometimes. Well, I DO know a lot about myself that I don't let on! LOL Like how I'm stubborn, afraid of criticism, untidy when it comes to certain things, yet anal when it comes to others (like I said, kitchen and bathroom MUST be spotless--the rest can just be 'tidy' and nooooo...not like when you and I lived together! LOL! My idea of tidy then was just stuffing things in my closet or under my bed!)...oh, and I DO know when I'm wrong and will willingfully admit when I'm wrong (because I'm wrong often! LOL).

Loved reading your 33 things about you. I learned a lot about you- some things I knew and others I didn't. Funny since we were roomies!!!

Anyway, luv ya! Keep me posted on all the baby stuff!!

tammy said...

Very neat Christine. I think I'll make a list too! I love learning more about friends. This is a cool way to do that.

curiositykiller said...

Christine. That is the sweetest thing I've read for a long long time. I'm so glad I can call you my friend, girl! See you beautiful.

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