Saturday, April 29, 2006

Can't teach an old dog new tricks

One of our pets is getting up there in age. He's a real cutie, but he's getting quite testy and is causing a few problems. He has a weak bladder and pees everywhere. He isn't very patient with young children. He LOVES my father's pigeons way too much--he would LOVE to have them for supper! He is a charming, funny, sweet, cute dog during the day, but at night his hunter's instinct comes out and he's a completely different dog. He's a Jack Russell Terrier and has got a mind of his own.

Someone asked me if I think we should put Boswell down because he's very old and he's causing some problems. I don't have the heart to. He's really a cute dog (except when I have to crawl under the pigeon loft to try to get him out from under). When people ask me my views on putting old pets down, I think, "So do you want me to put you down too when you're too old???" Is that what we do with people and pets when they're no longer young and healthy? *sigh*


Ms. Mamma said...

Hi Chrissy-
Heidi here. It is so hard when your puppino gets old. You could try doggie diapers and see if that works for the pee problem. I know what you're going through.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Heidi! Wow! I never thought of that. Do those doggie diapers really work? I was trying to decipher whether or not Boswell really has a weak bladder due to old age, or if he's just doing this to make me mad. I figure it's the weak bladder though, since he whines when he wants to go out (yet he will not tolerate being tied up outdoors since he wants to be able to see me at all times). The funny thing is that he only pees in the house where there's no in the bathroom!! How funny is that?! Well, it's not REALLY funny.

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