Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Move that bootay

I'm a loyal fan of Beach Body Fitness. They've got lots of different workouts to do, depending on what kind of results you want to obtain. I've purchased and am doing the Slim in 6 Program and Turbo Jam. We've got a few gyms here on the island, but I just don't feel like paying membership fees and getting in the car to get to the gym. The gym's about a 30 min drive from here.

With Slim in 6, I noticed results right away. I lost A LOT of weight and inches with the program, but then hit a plateau. I then got Turbo Jam and haven't felt like I've shrunk so much, but everything feels tighter. In any case, I enjoy the workout programs. They're fun, fun, fun...and great cardio. They've got a little kickboxing, capoera, aerobics, dance and resistance training mixed into the routines. It's a good way of getting your sweat going. Can't say I'm doing it so much for weightloss or anything--more so for just getting in some cardio every week. I'd have to say that I felt the burn more so with SI6 than with Turbo though.

With the wedding a mere 51 days away, there's more stress on keeping fit. i'm never going to be as rail thin as Kate Moss- and can't say I'd ever want to be! However, I do love to do my Beach Body routines. They are so much fun and nothing feels better than working up a sweat and feeling the burn!! LOL I'm talking about the workouts from BB, silly! ;)

PS. I Sweat a helluva lot more cutting, splitting and stacking firewood and building cedar rail fences though! LOL Guess there's nothing like good 'ol elbow grease. PLUS, when you're on the island, you're ALWAYS working outdoors. Busy, busy!


t said...

Those workouts sound like lots of fun!

You look absolutely GORGEOUS Chris so don't worry about looking good at the wedding ; we already know you'll be stunning.

ps. I spend way too much in gym membership fees and don't get to the gym as often as I should! (shhh! don't tell Dave that tho'!) lol

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Your doing great Chris~ You look pretty already :D Can't wait to see you on your big day! Brides always look radiant!

Jill said...

I agree working out at home is the way to go. I love it because if I only have 20-30 miutes to exercise, I can fit in a video or some other kind of exercise at home (Go for a walk, turn on music and dance, so some sit ups and weighted stuff while watching TV). If I work out at a gym, I will only bother to exercise at all if I have 1 hour or more to devote to it!!

I have not been able to fit in much formal working-out lately...but I find doing my toning(hand weights and sit ups) while I watch TV, and fitting more activity in my day(walking more, using the stairs) for fat-burning is helping me keep off the weight I recently lost.

tammy said...

Chris just keep doing what you're doing. You work a lot outdoors and that's hard work your doing. You look great and the main thing is that your leading a healthy lifestyle.

Who wants to be as skinny as Kate Moss anyway? That's too skinny.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I was kidding about Kate Moss. Jessica Alba maybe, but not Kate Moss! :)

Chrissy121875 said...

With all the wedding craziness, I've lost some weight so had to get the dress altered quite a bit!! Yippeeee!!! :)

slim in 6 said...

Hi was just checking out your site, and I noticed that you had slim in 6, my friend just started that program and it has been really working well for her, so keep up the good work!

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