Sunday, April 02, 2006


One of my favorite sites is . I just LOVE her photography... and aren't the babies all soooooo cute??? Just thought I'd share :) Oh, and all you mommies-to-be, I'm sure you'll enjoy the Anne Geddes site!


Anonymous said...

I always think those pictures are creepy. Why do babies have to look like flowers? Can't they just be babies?

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I guess so! You've got a point there! I guess babies are just cute all the time, so why dress them up and incorporate them into art like flowers and fuzzy little animals, right? I see your point :) I still think they look so cute though! Especially when Anne Geddes has them in those cute little lion, bear or bunny outfits. But of just babies are always good too (she does have those too--they're not always flowers or little fuzzy animals) :D

Jill said...

I see both sides. Some of them are cute-I like the one with the grinning baby surrounded by roses. But I don't like the ones where the baby is like the size of a hand...a baby who was really that small would be very premature and medically fragile, and spending their time in the NICU not a photo studio. I also don't like the ones where the babies are not just in a costume, but made to look like a flower or something.

I like her earlier ones better than the more recent.

Really, I am not into pictures of babies anyways. I like pictures of my child at all ages...but never saw a reaosn to put photographs of other babies around my home!!

Anonymous said...

i thnk they are sweet...there really is no harm done by taking these photos. I think they are just showing the innocense of children

Jill said...

See, to me...they are not really showing the innocense of babies. They are turning babies into somethings else--see how cute a baby is when it is so tiny it fits in someones hand?? See how cute a baby is when it is dressed like a lady bug?? See how cute a baby is when is it curled up so it looks lke a flower?? See how cute a baby is dressed like a lion?? I think a baby lion is cuter than a baby person, dressed like a baby!!

To me, the babies are manipulated to look like something they aren't, and I am manipulated into eaitehr oohing and aahing over how cute they are-or feeling like someone who doens't like babies.

I think babies are cuter just as they are and how they are meant to be-looking like healty, happy, normal sized babies!!!

Tracy said...

I've always thought Anne Geddes was a talented photographer. She's very artistic. Which is what the photos are. It's really a matter of perception. Some people like Van Gogh, some don't. Some people like Anne Geddes' photos of babies, others don't. I personally have photos of my own kids on my walls, but that said, I also think the photos of babies dressed up like little bears or bunnies are cute. Who can't say those precious little kiddies aren't cute? Either way, thanks Chrissy. Makes for an interesting topic of debate- though you probably hadn't intended it to be!!

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