Friday, April 21, 2006

What a LONG day!!!

Left the island early this morning for Sudbury and boy was it ever an action packed day. I got everything I needed to get done and made it back to theisland around 8:30 at night.

I first went to Lindgrens to try on my wedding dress again. I am soooooooooooo in love with my dress!!!! I got shivers when I put it on. I know it sounds crazy, but seeing it on just made things all the more real. I was like, "OMG!!! I'm getting married in less than 2 months!!!"

I tried on several tiaras -what a nightmare! There are soooo many to choose from! I didn't want anything too 'blingy' and nothing too simple. My dress is very simple yet elegant, so I need something with a little bit of bling....but not too much. I'm not a bling girl :p Then came the veil. I already pretty much knew I was going to get this gorgeous cathedral veil. It's got Swarovsky crystals and it is stunning. Ohhhh! I cannot wait to wear the dress, tiara and veil at the wedding!! This is so exciting! Wonder how the cathedral veil and my train will do with the sand though, since it is a beach wedding!!

Then we went shopping and errand running. Got John his workboots at Mark's Work Wearhouse. They were on special...thank goodness! If my hubby-to-be only knew how much I dropped on wedding accessories, he'd freak!! LOL Wedding stuff (and weddings in general) are definitely NOT cheap!!

I have a question: Those of you who are already married, did you give your guests presents/bonbonniers at your wedding? I'm not sure if I'm doing wayyyy too much, but I got EACH guest 4 gifts! They are gorgeous gifts and def not tacky at all like some of the dollar-store looking things I've seen. Nothing wrong with the dollar store--don't get me wrong because I LOVE the dollar store! I'm just saying that I've seen some pretty yucky looking wedding favors before. :) Hmm maybe Idid go a bit overboard with the wedding favors, but I just want our guests to know how much we appreciate and love them and thank them for coming to our wedding.


Anonymous said...

hey chris! We got our guests shot glasses with our names and our wedding date on them. Now that I think of it, they WERE kind of tacky! lol in any case, the guests liked them and they were fun gifts.

Anonymous said...

No, we did't give our guests any wedding favors. We spent a lot of money on the wedding already so didn't feel the need to get any favors for guests. It's just an added expense anyway.

t said...

So excited to hear what you got your guests as favors! We had chocolates made up with our photo, names, and wedding date on the chocolate bar wrappers for our guests. I think they were cute. some of our guests still have them as they said they were just too cute to eat!

I disagree with anonymous up there as it is polite to give your guests a little something to show your thanks for having tham share in your special day. After all a lot of people may have driven far to get to the wedding and have had to spend on transportation, acomodation and wedding presents! It's only polite to show your appreciation and not unnecessary at all. Thats just my humble opinion tho'!

Jill said...

We didn't give wedding favours. It is really not a common Jewish custom, more Jews are starting to do it...but we didn't.

4 gifts does sound like a lot..but if you want to and can afford it, why not??

The best bonbonniers we ever got were very pretty salt and pepper shakers in a silver stand...not personalized but very pretty. We got them a few years ago and still have them on display and use them!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Jill! That's really neat about the salt and pepper shakers in the stand! I like useful gifts! :)

I love the ones we're giving all our guests and am really excited about them. I think if Dina and Gav can't make it to the wedding because of the little one's arrival, I'll mail them their wedding favors anyway :) I really want D to get them! They're toooooo cute!

Dina said...

hey there,
like Jill said (and you know as you were there) we didn't give our guests gifts as it's not a typical Jewish thing to do...but we had other Jewish customs which more than made up for the lack of gifts for eachguest...

Anonymous said...

yes customs are a wonderful way of sharing with guests, i agree. We did, however, give our guests little picture frames which also acted as name cards for table seating.

A unique gift we got at a wedding was a CD from the bride and groom that they made of all their favorite love songs. It was so nice that they shared that with us. We sometimes still play the CD. Nice keepsake.

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