Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hmmm..things to ponder

What's new in the news today:
Before you continue reading, please note that the following are just my mere observations for the day and that my opinions in this blog really have no value, since this is mainly me being way too cerebral about matters that don't even involve me. Just some food for thought. Some disturbing, some interesting, some ridiculous, some not very interesting at all.

Absolutely Revolting: Grandparents guilty of murdering their 5 year old grandson
The Toronto couple abused and starved the child. "The court was told Jeffrey was kept in a locked room and forced to sleep in his own excrement. When he died just shy of his sixth birthday, he weighed less than a healthy one-year-old." How terrible is that??? It makes me really sad, upset, angry to hear news like that. How could anyone do such a thing to a child or anyone else for that matter? The little boy died of septic shock. Heck, most people treat their pets a helluva lot better than some people treat their kids.

Totally Shocking: McGill students featured nude in Playboy
Jeepers! I must lead a sheltered life! Maybe I'm naive, but I was shocked to read that Playboy magazine has listed McGill University as one of the top schools in North America to party in!!! Having grown up in Montreal, the city's vibrancy, nightlife, and liberal views are things that I am proud of. I'm not saying exposing one's body for all to see is wrong--heck, those who know me know that I hardly feel that way at all. It doesn't surprise me that Montrealers would be featured in a bunch of nude photo layouts in the men's magazine, but just that I was just surprised that McGill, with its reputation for first rate students and high standards would be classified as one of the best party schools in North America. Women can be sexy and incredibly intelligent- there's no doubt about that. I'm all for smart and sexy. Just wouldn't want the world to think that university (and Montreal) is all about the partying and sex. LMFAO!!! WOW! I MUST be getting old, because 10 years ago, I was big into the college lifestyle!

Utterly Perplexing: Is Katie Holmes really pregnant? she? And is it really important if she is/isn't? *sigh* People just won't leave Tomkat and their little tomkitten alone. I have to admit that my curiosity has been piqued. As news broke out that the couple was expecting, people have been on the belly watch. Many photos taken show odd positionings of Katie's belly, that at times don't always look real. Others have noted that Tom Cruise has been married before and has been alligned with several Hollywood honeys prior to his coupling with Katie...and he has yet to father any other children. Anyway, who really cares if she's preggers or not...or if the baby's his or not? I just think the photos are fun to look at! LOL Notice how I did't bring up Scientology at all? I just knew it may spark some more debate.

Not Extremely Newsworthy: The Britney Birth Sculpture
DEDICATION HONORS NUDE BRITNEY SPEARS GIVING BIRTH. Pop-Star’s Pregnancy Idealized In Brooklyn ‘Monument to Pro-Life’. Some people view this as a celebration of Britney Spears giving birth to her son, Sean Preston. “A superstar at Britney’s young age having a child is rare in today’s celebrity culture. This dedication honors Britney for the rarity of her choice and bravery of her decision,” said gallery co-director, Lincoln Capla".
I'm still undecided on my view of this whole thing. Many people do marvelous things for society and mankind and aren't praised, acknowledged or canonized for it. Am I a fan of this piece of art? Well, it's art and I'm no stranger to nude sculptures (studied them in college and uni). What makes me unsure of how I feel is possibly the idea that the subject is depicted in a highly sexual way. She's giving birth!! Is that supposed to be seductive? I dunno.
Anyway, these are just my opinions and my thoughts...just take 'em with a grain of salt.

Not So Surprising: A friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl this morning.
In the wee hours of the morning a babe was born. Funny thing is that my friend and her hubby had decided not to find out the sex of the baby during the pregnancy since they wanted it to be a secret. By finding out the sex of the baby, they thought it would take out the whole element of fun out of it. Anyway, months and months ago, I kept telling my friend the baby would be a girl. I just had a feeling. My feeling is usually correct. I'm tellin' ya...sixth sense!! Anyway, that's 1 out of 7 babies to be born in the next few months. If you recall, 7 of my friends are expecting around the time of our wedding. Let the countdown begin!! This is so much fun! Can't wait to meet all these little guys and gals! VERY exciting!

This just added: perhaps I was wrong- along with all the other nay sayers.
My friends, it appears Katie Holmes really is preggers. From the previous photos it didn't look like it. Shame on me for thinking she was coveting a prosthetic belly. I really feel badly now that it seems she's had to go through great lengths to prove that she is indeed pregnant. it really Tom's baby she's carrying? LOL I'm only kidding. I don't really care. What i do find interesting though, is the fact that so many websites and blogs talk about conspiracy theories and notions that Katie's carrying Chris Klein's baby or that the little tomkitten will be messed up (one site debated that the tomkitten is in fact alien spawn- as if!). I don't know enough about Scientology to offer any critique or comment on anything, so...wutev!!
It just makes me laugh that everyone's so intrigued by this. I'm sure baby Tomkat and baby Brangelina will both turn out beautiful. LOL See? I've wasted a good few minutes blogging on something I reportedly said I had no interest in.

Alrighty...I'm outta here! G'night all!


tammy said...

that's weord. The first phtos of katie holmes look really fake but the last one looks real. guess she is pregnant after all.

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